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  • T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 167ft Trinity Yachts Yacht For Sale
  • T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 167ft Trinity Yachts Yacht For Sale
  • T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 167ft Trinity Yachts Yacht For Sale
  • T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 167ft Trinity Yachts Yacht For Sale
  • T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 167ft Trinity Yachts Yacht For Sale
  • T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 167ft Trinity Yachts Yacht For Sale
  • T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 167ft Trinity Yachts Yacht For Sale
  • T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 167ft Trinity Yachts Yacht For Sale
  • T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 167ft Trinity Yachts Yacht For Sale

2024 Trinity Yachts
167' 50.90 m Tri_Deck - T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Offered for the first time on the MLS, this yacht project is approximately 20% complete and all included equipment has been fully maintained in storage. Price includes Hull and superstructure modules, 2- 130kw Northern lights generators, bow thruster, Quantum central hydraulic system, fins, but miss

Vessel ID# 2784824Last Updated: 07-19-2022 19:04:26

Six stateroom layout layout sleeps 12
Full design & engineering package
$4.0 million savings over current replacement
Global fuel range
Owner Financing Available
Notable Upgrades:
Date Listed: 06/08/2022

Rare Opportunity To Create Your Dream Yacht

$ 2,000,000 USD

Data Sheet

LOA: 167' (50.90 Meters)

Type: Power- New

Year: 2024

Beam: 28'

Draft Max: 8' 0''

Cabins: 6

Sleeps: 12

Twin Berths: 1

King Berths: 5

Full Beam Master: Yes

On Deck Master: Yes

Crew Cabins: 5

Captain\'s Quarters: Yes

Crew Sleeps: 9

Crew Mess: 1

Maximum Speed: 18.5 Knots

Cruise Speed: 16.5 Knots

Fuel Type: Diesel

Super Structure Material: Aluminum

Hull Material: Aluminum

Hull Shape: Semi Displacement

Air Conditioning: Yes

Tower: No

Bridge Clearance: 50'

Stabilizers Brand: Quantum

Bow Thruster: Yes

Fuel Tank: 16122 Gallons (61028.38 Liters)

Fresh Water: 2700 Gallons (10220.61 Liters)

Holding Tank: 300 Gallons (1135.62 Liters)

Gross Tonnage: 495

Displacement: 335 tonnes

Classification: ABS

MCA Certified: Yes

Designer: Trinity Yachts LLC

Interior Designer: Your Choice

Builder: Trinity Yachts LLC

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Understanding Trinity, Westport, and Burger

Trinity Company Overview

Project Manager Interview in Gulfport


Generator 1

  • Generator Make: Northern Lights
  • Generator KW: 130.00
  • Generator Date Hours Recorded: 06/08/2022

Generator 2

  • Generator Make: Northern Lights
  • Generator KW: 130.00
  • Generator Date Hours Recorded: 06/08/2022

General Arrangement

T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 167ft Trinity Yachts Yacht For Sale

Trinity Brochure with History

T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 167ft Trinity Yachts Yacht For Sale

Profile Plan

T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 167ft Trinity Yachts Yacht For Sale

Arrangement Plan

T 052 UNDER CONSTRUCTION 167ft Trinity Yachts Yacht For Sale

Basic Specifications - 14 Pages

Full Details



You'll Save Time & Money – 

When you look at the cost estimates to complete this yacht you’ll see savings in both time and money. We are getting estimates from qualified shipyards that would like to be selected to finish the project (USA, Greece, and Turkey). We believe the final number should be at least $10 million less than starting from scratch based on what yachts in this size range are actually selling for on the open market today.

You'll Get A Respected Brand – 

If you are not familiar with the Trinity brand they have built over 60 megayachts over the past 30 years and you will find them cruising everywhere in the world. They have attracted owners from industry, sports, and even royalty, and over 60% of their clients at one point were repeat owners which says a lot about how much fun the design and building process was at Trinity. 

Read the Brochure -

If you are not familiar with the company you can learn a lot more about the history of Trinity in the attached brochure which even includes their connection to W.W. II when they took over the J.C. Higgins factory in New Orleans. General Eisenhower once made the observation the Higgins boats were critical to winning the war!

Every Trinity is a Custom Design - 

All Trinity Yachts were fully custom-designed projects. For this yacht, we have several floorplan arrangements available. This is not like some of the well-known production brands you’ve heard of where there are a dozen or more identical yachts out there on the high seas. When you own a Trinity you own a signature piece, not another “me too” yacht.

A Strong Presence on the Global Resale & Charter Market – 

Wherever you look up the Trinity brand on the internet (Google, YouTube, Multiple Listing Systems) you will find Trinity yachts. They are offered for sale by the best brokers in the world and you will see sisterships successfully chartering in every major port, and most important for the buyer, you will see a solid resale history of Trinity yachts in both the North American and European markets.

She Has Modern Styling – 

When you look at the exterior styling for this yacht it is current in today’s world and there is nothing dated about it. The construction is still at a point when you can make some changes depending on personal preference.

Offers Stability and Performance – 

This yacht has a projected top speed of 18.5 knots if you use 2,250 hp Cat 3512B engines based on the proven design, and you will see Trinity sisterships of similar length that confirm it. In achieving that speed the design team managed to also deliver a hull shape that is comfortable in all sea conditions which is not always the case with fast yachts in this size range. Even just looking at the profile you can see the yacht is well balanced in the design of the upper structure which plays a big role in stability in heavy seas. Some of those “far out” designs you see in all the magazines today need special handling when the seas begin to build.

Spacious Contemporary Interior Space Plan – 

We have recommended the six stateroom floorplan that is included in this listing because it works well for family use but is also highly desirable in the world of charter yachts. If you go with that layout then all of the engineering drawings are completed.

It can obviously be modified for an additional engineering cost and when you meet with your interior design team we have an alternate layout available for your consideration.

As you study the floorplan you will see there are no tight spaces on any deck level. It is easier to see that in the owner quarters on all decks but what may not be as obvious is the extra space in both the crew quarters and the engine room and a happy crew means happy owners. The extra room in the engine compartment means that servicing all the complicated systems required on a modern yacht like this will be easier on your crew as well. 

Depending on your personal color preferences you have plenty of time to select the woods, marbles, fixtures, fabrics, and hardware when working with the interior designer that will personalize the yacht for you and your family. Finding the right interior design firm for this project and then deciding how much latitude you want to give them is one of the major cost variables you will need to think about upfront.



We have full documentation for this project and where it stands at the moment. This is not some abandoned yacht in the back of some boatyard with no one to help. The yacht has been securely and properly maintained from the moment that production stopped.


Since the yachts have been stored on land for years, one of the questions we have been asked is what about the condition of the aluminum and the welds. The yacht was inspected in January 2022 by an ABS Certified Welding inspector (and qualified surveyor) who is available to confirm that this yacht is ready to go back into production and there are no issues with the aluminum.


One of the concerns people have when taking over any yacht project like this that has been shut down for years is who do I get to help me get the yacht finished including design work and the actual construction? We have the right answers and we have the right people - Designers, engineers, and project managers.


You’ll be glad to know that the original team that designed this particular yacht and the other Trinity’s as well is available to help complete the remaining drawings if you want to change the design. If you like this exact layout all the engineering is complete. Everyone who was involved in this yacht from the CEO on down wants to see this yacht successfully completed and be part of the history of Trinity. Whatever help you need you’ll find the right people are available to help you get this boat back into production as fast as possible regardless of where you decide to send the yacht for completion.


Some of the best interior design firms in the world have worked on Trinity yachts over the years and they would all be happy to talk to you about completing the project. In addition, depending on the location of the yard that will be completing the yacht, they may have some design firms they work closely with that you might want to consider.


We will present you information on the yards that have expressed interest so far in completing the yacht. You’re talking about a project in the $20 million range so this is a huge opportunity for the right facility. The fact that the yacht can go back into production as soon as it arrives makes it even more desirable for the right yard.

We have just started on the process and focused on yards with proven experience in this size range and located in an area with the critical suppliers needed to make it all happen. So far we have received preliminary bids from yards in the United States, Greece, and Turkey.

We also have updated shipping costs for transporting the yacht to the yards that are currently interested.


The company originally started in the commercial craft segment and when there was a major slowdown in that industry they had hundreds of highly skilled aluminum workers, designers, and engineers about to be unemployed. They decided to shift gears and go into the yacht building industry in 1988 and created the Trinity brand. After decades of success, the custom yacht building industry faced a major slowdown and so the company shifted back to commercial and military contracts and was doing $75,000,000 a year in that part of the marine industry when the company was sold in 2015 by the founders.


This yacht is stored in Gulfport, Mississippi. It is secure and checked regularly. The yacht can remain in its current location as long as necessary for you to make the arrangements for completion.  

The owner is prepared to do everything possible to make this a success for the buyer.


One of the questions prospective buyers for this project are trying to answer is what is the boat worth as it sits right now in storage in Gulfport, Mississippi??

Looking at actual records production records from 2008 when production stopped here are the figures:

$700,000 in aluminum

35,000 hours @ $60= $2,100,000 in labor

$200,000 for generators

$233,000 for Quantum Zero Speed stabilizers

$1,300,000 for engineering

As you can see, the actual cost in 2008 was in excess of $4,500,000 back then.

Aluminum has more than doubled, so in today's costs, it’s probably more like $ 6 million.

Vessel Locations & Events

Michael Joyce

For more information about this yacht please contact Michael Joyce
We look forward to working with you!

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