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Skip Reisert

Marine Executive Center

1510 SE 17th Street

Suite 300

Fort Lauderdale FL 33316 USA

Phone: 1-954-525-8112

Toll Free:

Cell: 954-854-9156

Skip was born and raised around boats from a very young age.  His Dad was an avid boater and sport fisherman and had boats all of his life since his teen age years.  Skip's family belonged to a yacht club on Long Island, New York and that is where he spent his summers fishing and boating in the local bays and waters.  Skip moved to Florida and had his first job at a boat dealership.  From there Skip spent most of his professional career in various sales and service capacities in the marine industry.  He has written for many trade publications, magazines and has received numerous accolades for his expertise in the marine industry.  In addition Skip had a yacht  service company that provided yacht services to 38 yacht builders and dealers worldwide.  In 2008 Skip started his own boat dealership, Tender Care Boats, selling yacht tenders of all sizes up to 32'.  In 2012 Skip co-designed his own line of custom yacht tenders selling them under his own brand "SKIPPER".  Skip started selling larger boats in 2012 when he received his Florida yacht broker’s license.  Skip is currently active as a consultant to the yachting industry, assisting clients as well as marine based companies.  He has always believed in "creating one raving fan at a time".  He is meticulous and his attention to detail is second to none.  Reach out to Skip for your yachting needs.  You will be glad you did.