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Steve Beck

245 N Marina Drive

Long Beach CA 90803 USA


Toll Free:

Cell: 562-243-9710

Steve has been involved in the marine industry since he was 18, giving him more than 41 years associated with yachting. From a very young age, he knew that his passion was to be involved in an industry closely tied to boating and the ocean. Immediately after learning to sail at the age of 8, he was hooked, and a desire to learn as many aspects of boating and sailing as possible soon followed.

After leaving college, Steve began what became his favorite career: sailmaking. Under the leadership of Dick Deaver of North Sails, Steve was involved full time learning the art of making sails, while perfecting the desired shape and performance needed to win regattas. After many years with North Sails, he moved on to a lengthy stint with Ullman Sails of Newport Beach.

With his career as a sailmaker in full swing, along with the support of his wife and son, Steve was able to fulfill his competitive sailing dreams as part of multiple offshore racing events, such as the Manzanillo Race, Cabo Races, Puerto Vallarta, and Transpac. In addition, he competed in world class inshore racing events, such as SORC, as a member of the US Team for Clipper Cup, Miami Race Week, Key West Race Week, St Francis Big Boat Series, Etchells Worlds, Melges 24 Worlds, Chicago to Mackinaw race and a multitude of local buoy races as well as local offshore and point to point racing.

After 41-plus years in the marine industry, Flying Cloud Yachts approached Steve about bringing his experience, combined with his marketing and sales skills, to the Flying Cloud Yachts sales team. He helped expand the business, and now as the owner of Flying Cloud Yachts, Steve's had the perfect opportunity to lean on his years of professional marine knowledge while assisting clients looking to fulfill their dreams and aspirations of becoming passionately involved in the fantastic world of yachting.

From the fall of 2016 to the spring of 2019 Steve took Flying Cloud Yachts to a new level in sales the company had not seen in several years. With the growth of the company lead to many opportunities including to opening the door to sell Flying Cloud Yachts to Denison Yachting in the late spring of 2019. From joining the Denison Yachting team in Long Beach created many opportunities to sell larger vessels; Five Star a 103 foot Westport, White Knight a 85 foot Westport, Carol the 82 foot Monte Fino to site a few.

2023 is bringing a new chapter for Steve with joining the team of Galati Yacht Sales as he is looking to expand his sales opportunities to new and larger yacht lines.