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Jean-Marie Cabri

The Boatyard

13555A Fiji Way

Marina del Rey CA 90292 USA

Phone: 1-310-821-5883

Toll Free: 1-800-578-3036

Cell: 1-310-600-9670

As a licensed and bonded yacht dealer and broker in California and Florida, Jean-Marie will fill your needs and expectations by sharing his sailing experience the world over - especially the mistakes he has made and the lessons he has learned. Jean-Marie is happy to provide support and assistance for the duration of yacht ownership for the client. Yachting is for people who want more from life. Sailors are creative and hard-working people. Clients need someone who works as hard as the client, who understands when schedules can’t accommodate managing a yacht and who understands that pleasure boating must keep the pleasure alive, and Jean-Marie is that person.