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Rod Hartsook

301 Clematis Street

Suite 3000

West Palm Beach FL 33401 USA


Toll Free: 1-855-927-8276

Cell: 1-772-485-4383

Rod was born and raised in Oklahoma and began his boating career on the many lakes and rivers located throughout the Sooner State. Upon joining the Air Force he met his wife Denise, a native South Floridian, and his love of all things salt water began. He retired after a 30 year career in Air Force Intelligence and settled in Stuart. He was quickly hired as a JROTC teacher at a local high school but yearned to follow his dreams and enter the marine industry. Rod quickly obtained his 50 GRT Master’s License, his OUPV (six pack) License, and finished at the top of his class in Chapman’s School of Seamanship’s Professional Mariners Training Course. Having served our nation in roles requiring the utmost integrity, professionalism, and the ability to take care of people, Rod is excited to now serve others and provide the most pleasurable buying or selling experience possible.