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Captain Scott Slater

102 Riviera Dunes way

Palmetto FL 34221 USA

Phone: 1-941-417-2814

Toll Free:

Cell: 1-813-928-3820

I was born and raised in New England. My parents were avid sailors and I was brought up cruising and racing sail boats throughout the area.

One of my first jobs was working at Shannon Yachts in Bristol Rhode Island. I started at the bottom and worked my way up to lead hardware installer. I moved to Florida in 1983 and worked my way through college repairing and restoring boats.

After a career as a computer engineer and then a SCADA engineer, I decided to get back to my passion and opened a yacht repair business. I specialize in stabilizers, electronics, technical systems, maintenance and managing absentee owner's yachts. In addition, I hold a US Coast Guard 100 ton master captain's license.

My wife and I have had many boats over the years and in 2011 we made the leap to liveaboard status. We love the social lifestyle and comradery. It made sense after several years to purchase our current boat, a 63ft Viking CPMY. We've cruised extensively on this and other boats from Maine to Florida, the Bahamas and Virgin Islands.

Becoming a yacht broker was the next logical step in my career path. Whether it's fishing, cruising or luxury yachting, I can assist you with the right purchase for the boating mission you are seeking.