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Jose Arana

The Bentley Bay

520 West Avenue

Suite B

Miami Beach FL 33139 USA

Phone: 1-305-534-7322

Toll Free: 1-866-733-8137

Cell: 1-305-491-7794

Originally from Mexico City Jose’s love for boats developed at a very young age. Jose grew up around sailing and power boats throughout his childhood and as long as he can remember. Yachting has always been his father’s passion and he is lucky enough to have traveled different parts of the world by boat. Jose has been working closely with his father in developing a solid clientele with the Latin American and European Markets for many years. It is clear to say that the father and son team have become specialists and big players in this area of the business. Jose started working in yachts with Ferretti of America back in 1997. As a member of the Latin American group he was involved in research and relationship management of high clientele and potential leads for future sales.